How it works
    Become a Fan of the personalities to add them to your MY FANZOOP list. All the zoops of your added personalities will appear here.
  • 2.FAVE FAN
    'Add to Fave' your favourite fans to add them to your FAVE FAN list. All the zoops from your faved fans will appear here.
  • 3.LATEST
    All the latest zoops across Fanzoop will appear here.
    Most liked and talked about zoops will appear here.
  • 5.Create a zoop
    Create your zoops with button. You can select upto 10 personalities in a single zoop.
  • 6.You can zoop :-
    1. 1.VIDEOS
      From videos of interviews, seminars, conferences, movie releases to lectures,debates, tribute videos, exclusive coverage,mimicry of famous people to any moment of your favourite celeb you may have captured. Celebrate it by zooping it to fans all over the world in an instant!
    2. 2.SPOTTINGS
      Upload your Fanzoop moment and tell the world about how, when and where you met your idol. Use an image, video or simple text to describe the moment.
      Make your celeb pictures speak what you want them to. Express your passion creatively and take it to the next level. Think. Create. Zoop.
    4. 4.PICTURES
      Zoop photos, a painting or a sketch that you made, Any image as long it is related to your idol!